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1969 ... 

was the last watershed year that truly marked the beginning of a New Generation. The Gap Ad campaign 2016 (left) captured the feel of that generational shift in 1969 the beginning of ... 
The Space Age.

Harlem On My Mind at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1969 also was recognized as a watershed moment that transformed museums. From it, a movement emerged and when it was over it changed times and seasons in America -- politically, socially and culturally.

do y0u baSel?™ is an outsider/insider view of the world of ART. It was conceived in Miami, Florida in 2012 as a concept to market Art Basel Miami as a destination to the African American arts community. It was very successful. Since that time Miami has managed to be considered the #3 most influential art city in the world. But it comes at a time of change. 

do y0u baSel?™ 

We saw those changes coming and we moved to position ourselves on the other side of that change. We live life slightly in the future.

do y0u baSel?™ will cover people, places, events and other things that we feel will be able to transcend into the future. We will give you a view of the world of ART from the street level up. 

We will voice our opinions and let you voice yours also -- all in the name of progress. 

2019 the Next generation

What is the next New Generation going to be?
What is the new movement, the next "ISM" in ART? Will Miami become a true art contender, a leader of the pack? It all remains to be seen. But we do see in the future is the return of the DNA creatives*. During this time of formalized training, those outside the system have been free to struggle on their own - to fail or succeed. Out of that struggle will come all that is NEW

Also rest assured -- DEAD MEN'S THOUGHTS** will be retired and replaced by new living experiences -- be they good or bad. So strap yourself in, we are all going for a ride as we welcome the Next Generation.

* DNA creatives are people who by birth, with no formal training,can perceive and conceptualize how to add to the collective knowledge that came before them.

  ** dead men's thoughts are the reproduction of a persons concepts and methodology of practice. The study and formalization of the thought is by people other then the originators, who are dead. Therefore there can't be further progress of that thought.

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