ALBIN TALIK from Poland


(Above -- Photo: Albin Talik)

d0 you basel (dYbis always on the lookout for artists who create their own paths in the art world.  Albin Talik found us online at our Facebook page -- he followed the suggestion and joined Black Art In Americaas a member artist.  Now that we know him and we have been introduced to his art, we are very excited by his technique.

My name is Albin Talik. I was born in 1980 in Poland. I live and work in Cracow.  At the age of 30 I decided to try my luck at visual arts, and began searching for my place in the field. Note, that I had never picked up a pencil or tried to draw. It came just like that. My girlfriend talked me into painting lessons and suggested the idea of making collages.

(Left: In flagranti by Albin Talik)

The technique that I use is called: paper painting. This is something based on a collage. I'm trying to get the effect of oil painting with irregular brushstrokes. My works are made up of thousands of pieces of paper. 

(Below: Life factory by Albin Talik)


We wondered, why all the Pyramid heads?  (Above: Stairway to Heaven by Albin Talik)

People often ask him why the characters in his paintings do not have heads or wear masks or pyramids. "I like when art forces you to think and ask questions. The pyramid heads are white and black. In each of us there are good emotions and bad emotions,good and evil.  We are all humans -- it depends on us what we do with our lives and what path we choose".  He called this series PYRAMIDS, but he has a new series called: Rumination.  'Rumination' is similar to 'worrying' except it focuses on bad feelings and experiences from the past.

 (Below: Rumination XXII by Albin Talik)

 "I try to show men struggling with their weaknesses, loneliness, alcohol, stimulants ... the man who meditates on the meaning of existence. The heroes of my paintings often wear masks."

 (Below - left: Rumination XIX  by Albin Talik;  right: Rumination by Albin Talik) 

Albin Talik's work is paper and glue on cardboard, he uses thousands of pieces of paper to work out his images - all archival materials. All in all, Albin Talik is definitely someone to collect now, while he is in high production mode . Take advantage of his offer to do portraits before he becomes to visible in the art world. 

We see in Albin, a new artist model -- they are a hybrids, self actualizing, with strong craft skillsWe are seeing a lot of refreshing artists and there is a trend taking shape. The artists are late bloomers with life experiences that translate into their work. They are not gimmick trend monsters but they spent a lot of time and labor to produce their art. This is going to be good for the collectors because it is the beginning of a new cycle and there is great joy in discovering new artist.

(left: Amusement by Albin Talik)

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