Artist Statement
My name is Haile King Rubie. I am a product of Harlem. I breathe, sleep and eat Harlem.
My artworks offer us a swirl of personal memories and reflections on the mélange of cultures and feelings that I have
experienced in my beloved Harlem. My experience in the rich surroundings of Harlem, from street musicians, including
drummers around the Marcus Garvey Park, saxophone players along the rivers, Hip-Hop artists (rappers and dancers) along the 125 th street strip, Cultural events at the Apollo, Parades, and everyday folks help nurture my inspiration to create paintings in many forms, from close-ups to silhouette depictions.

I was born with Down syndrome, as a person who is living with developmental issues, I often find myself living in a world not many people understand my inner thoughts and feelings. Yet, I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who commit themselves to afford me a complete exposure to everything I can achieve. Those people are my parents, friends, and mentors.

Those people help me realize that there are certain specific elements that stimulate me: colors and forms, music and movement. I realize that those elements are the muses that are able bring out my ability and urge to create. As an artists, I
cannot limit my work to a specific style or a description or an artistic movement. When I engage in painting, I aim to express something I have felt or experienced; it can be joy or rage, it can be a simple moment like a face in the dark, a moving shadow, or an encounter. In short I use my brushes and canvases to transform what I experienced and felt through my five senses, and Harlem has been the center of this transformation by offering me many facets of life and a vibrant cultural fabric made up of a little bit everything in the world.


Haile King Rubie
C.O Clara Francis Gallery
2070 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd,
New York, New York 10027
Mobile: (646) 261-5334/(347) 641-0222

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