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What Is The Meaning Of Outsider Art? The Genre With A Story, Not A Style  there is a dark side to the quickly rising popularity of art explicitly made possible by suffering, whether of mind or physical circumstances. But there is also an undeniable magic to the ethos of the fair -- a message that communicates that, at its core, art is by everyone and for everyone. It’s not about clever allusions, MFAs, market trends and traditions that are constantly being overturned for the sake of overturning them. Through an outsider lens, art is about imagination and creation, generating worlds inside your mind and letting them free, transforming suffering into profound beauty.

Priscilla Frank, Arts Writer, The Huffington Post -

Haile King Rubie

An 0utsider Who Can't Be Denied ...

The realm of Outsider Art has a bonafide contender -- Haile King Rubie. Unencumbered by the norms of society and extraordinarily gifted with vision, Haile King Rubie is able to communicate his perceptions of the world through his art. 

People immediately identify him with Basquiat and understandably so, but to see the brilliance of this 26 year old artist, you have to look beyond the obvious comparisons to Jean Michel and look at the range of Rubie's work. 

(Below - left: Lion King; center: Balloons; right: The Clown)


In 1948 French artist and curator, Jean Dubuffet, coined the term ART BRUT (raw art). Art critic, Roger Cardinal. revisited Dubuffet's art brut concept in 1972. Cardinal referred to it as "Outsider Art". Call it what you may, both Dubuffet and Cardinal recognized that in this group of artists one unifying trait exists: a raw quality untouched by academic rules or current trends.

Outsider artists are generally perceived as being self-taught with no academic schooling.  Haile, although possessing raw DNA creativity, has received training. Haile is shown in this photo practicing under the tutelage of Artist, Carl Thelemaque, his current mentor.

Haile's parents, Audrey and Bernardo Rubie, provided further training at The Art Students League of New York and Haile has worked under Artist, Ronaldo Davidson of Jamaica, Harlem School of the Arts (HSA). He studied percussion with Last Poets drummer Donald Babatunde Eaton. This training and not the influence of academic schooling has kept his art highly energetic and unpredictable. Haile's exposure to all the arts is reflected in the styles and methods he uses to express himself.

If WE DARE TO COMPARE --- Matisse, Picasso, Dubuffet and Rubie

Le Canal du Midi, 1898 by Henri Matisse                  Sunset by Hallie King Rubie

    Portrait of Jacqueline (1963) by Pablo Picasso              Girl by Haile King Rubie

The Blue Birds by Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet                                                 Bat Over NYC by Haile King Rubie

Harlem River Park Etched Steel Plaques Project

"Welcome to Harlem" by Haile King Rubie 

Haile King Rubie's intellect and understanding is revealed in this complex composition. Haile's masterful work was chosen for the Etched Steel Plaques Projecta permanent installation of fifteen 9 1/2 inches by 15 inches etched panels/plaques on display in Harlem River Park between 138th and 140th streets. Welcome to Harlem introduces the idea of transiting the African Diaspora to New York from slavery to the present day.  At the same time this image references the three major world religions on the tops of the ship masts. 


Jean-Michel Basquiat and Haile King Rubie are connected in their souls by the collective energy they pick up from the air.

Basquiet was a product of the streets in the 1970's (NYC). The city was dirty and dangerous and filled with a crazed energy that eventually burned up its golden children. The RATS were the real kings of New York.                 

Yes, Basquiat was an 0utsider Artist

By the early 1980's Basquiat broke through as a solo artist. He was the The Radiant Child and then he was gone. That was then and this is now.  Now we have Haile King Rubie. Maybe it's too early to call it but the way I see it, he is the next NYC 'real deal' artist. If you wait for time to prove this true, you will be saying I should have; could have collected his art early on when it was affordable -- but I didn't.

RATS still rule the streets of NYC

left:Rats by Haile King Rubie 

Right: Tenor (1985) by   Jean-Michel Basquiat

‘Art Brut in America’ Highlights Outsider Artists, No Longer Looking InROBERTA SMITH Oct 22, 2015

Insider” art, with all its rules and gatekeepers, is only a small subset of a much larger world of creativity. This larger world of creativity is being brought into the institutions by the very people who tried to keep it out. HAILE KING RUBIE will be ushered inside by the gatekeepers and it will be a long time before you see the likes of him again. Now is the time to seek him out.


View Haile King Rubie's Artist Statement

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