In The BOX: sOme of the STorIEs we're gonna WRiTE


Martha’s first book Subway Art (with Henry Chalfant), has been in print since 1984 and is affectionately called the “Bible” by graffiti artists. - 

BUtsome people are challenging their story. And one man is leading that challenge Richie ADmiral aka 

WHO is BAMA? why is he on this crusade and does the accuracy about the early writers matter?

BAMA'S story coming soon 


down the Rabbit Hole with Lyndale Pettus photographer

"My encounter with photography occurred 40 years ago when my Uncle let me shoot my first photograph with his KODAK BROWNIE.

Teenie Harrisone of my role models.

BUT the secret to LYNDALES's world is, he always has his camera with him - One day he met the 1960's most famous artist in the world in a farm town in France and history is made.


the inevitable collapse of conceptual art has arrived.

How art killed our culture

All the shallowness of modern mass culture began in avant-garde art 40 years ago.

YES it did I was there as a conscious adult-and i remember when it arrived and everything changed.

What happened? How did art become the mirror of fraud?

-but then consumerism was born and emotional depth in art was censored, Abstract Expressionism had to die so consumerism could live.

ART was a teacher Pop art taught everyone to enjoy money and the mass media and 1980s post-modernism taught the same lesson again.

Skill die & craft went out the door 

Friday 28 December 2012 17.59 EST


If you like Nick, you gonna LOVE Spy Boy

DOW MICHEAL EDWARDS, who is also known as “Spy Boy Dow” “When I put the suit on, there is an energy and spirituality that takes over.  I can do things I didn’t think I could.”  The rhythms from the drummers who accompany the Indians as they parade inundate his thoughts and his body moves in response.  “I don’t know how to explain it.  Me inside the suit is different than me outside the suit.

This is Dow Micheal Edwards outside the suit,is a partner in the law firm of Irwin, Fritchie, Urquhart & Moore LLC and a  member of the Mohawk Hunters Mardi Gras Indian tribe.

But it's all about the SUIT,  being a spy boy and Mardi Gras Indian outshines all his other accomplishments. 

2013 © Craig Morse, Culture:Subculture Photography,

“I have done a lot of things in my life.  I have played college football and participated in national championships in track and field. I have played with the NFL.  I have been an officer in the 82ndAirborne Division of the United States military. I am a lawyer.  But there is no more glorious feeling than I felt the first time and every time since I put on my suit on Mardi Gras day. It is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done.”


SO YOU WANT TO GO TO ART SCHOOL and you are Black.

ARTIST PAUL J says . . .


This is a direct quote by Artist Paul J about his art . . .

"My art game crazy the terral state lookin for me check out my process as I hustle on this masterpiece ... I'm artist. Paul j ready for the world ain't no stopping me cause I have my faith n guidance from my lord !!! —"


T. Eliott Mansa Case Study


Mansa’s Sojourn of the Day Twin (Tarell Alvin McCraney) depicts award-winning Miami playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney — who became a member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in April 2010 — in front of a Liberty City butcher shop and corner store.

T. Eliott Mansa, Amazon Ochossi, ©2015



Cassandra's Curse by Ermias Ekube
acrylic on canvas 100x100cm

Oil on wallpaper
THE POET AND THE ARTIST - what is the relationship
Omar Musa, the poetry of unease by Kerry McInnis 
Sadamitsu Neil Fujita was the design artist behind Columbia Records 1950's Jazz classics
Fortune Magazine, April 1953 cover by FAJITA
ABSTRACT ART and Literature . . . when writing was an art form and you picked up the magazine because of the cover.
Cover art for Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out, 1959.
Columbia Records BY FUJITA - SONG FROM ALBUM: Take Five
Cover art for Charles Mingus: Mingus Ah Um, 1959. Columbia Records by Fujita

SONG FROM ALBUM Self-Portrait in Three Colors

AgggggBSTRACT ART and Literature . . . when writing was an art form and you picked up the magazine because of the cover.


Alphonso Dunn, "Force Ripe"

Stuff Mama Said

The Nocebo Effect         

Last Night I Died of Drapetomania 

A Rose By Another Name ALPHONSO DUNN

Good Ear Bad Hair


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