Judy Holm and The Global Fine Art Awards (In The Beginning)

                JUDY HOLM : IN THE BEGINNING                

About three years ago, Judy Holm had an epiphany ...  a sudden and striking revelation to create THE GLOBAL FINE ART AWARDS.   We are now witnessing the genesis of that idea.

The Global Fine Art Awards' current state is comparable to a seedling, conceived and under the cultivation of Judy,  its President and CEO.  

We met up with Judy at the ella pop café,  in the Miami Design District and asked her to tell us the story of how she came up with the idea for the Global Fine Art Awards which is in its third year of production. 

Judy Holm was consulting with ART+AUCTION Magazine on developing new business opportunities in the South Florida market.   

While doing her research on existing  awards programs, Judy had a realization -- no one was looking at art holistically on an annual basis, from a production and exhibition perspective, and especially not from a global perspective.


In the early stages of a concept it takes courage  to move the idea forward. The person whose vision it is has to provide clear and decisive leadership for their supporters.

On May 9th, 2016, Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz hosted a private event celebrating the Global Fine Art Awards nominees and patrons at the de la Cruz CollectionDuring this event, Judy presented a progress report and laid out next steps to her early supporters and potential new allies to keep the vision clear in their minds.  

(Above -- left to right:  Tiffany Chestler, Judy Holm and Ibett Yanez)

These invitees are part of the genesis of the project.  Here they are listening to Tiffany Chestler and Judy Holm explain what progress has been made and what the Global Fine Art Awards need to move into their third year. 

One of the perks of the night, after the presentations, was mingling and mixing amidst the incredible de la Cruz Collection.

 at the ella pop café we continued our conversation with Judy ...

We wanted to know what the future held for Judy Holm and the Global Fine Art Awards.

If you love the art of discovery and seeing the development process of an emerging project, then the Global Fine Art Awards is a project worth following. This is the beginning of a potentially substantive awards ceremony and you can watch it grow.  
More to come ... R~ with dy7

(RM Crews with Derin Young)


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