Miami Art Week Discoveries ...

The year in art was eventful for us on a number of levels and last year's Art Basel / Miami Art Week had much to offer. The focus was on the discovery of talent among the sea of artists and creatives at the fairs. Some of our highlights were as follows 

SUN XUN'S "RECONSTRUCTION OF THE UNIVERSE".  We attended an event installation for artist Sun Xun's Audemars Piguet commission, "Reconstruction Of The Universe" which premiered during Art Basel Miami (2016). The elaborate installation was described by Luxury Art as an "architectural set of low curving walls, hung with woodcuts and interrupted with sleek glass balls, inside which delicate ink-wash films of birds and fish, pebbles and explosions, are projected, the whole installation topped by a dramatic swoosh of a roof made of bamboo. Beyond is a large screen projecting the 3D animation, Time Spy. As Sun Xun’s name jumps out of the screen, a carnation unfurls at its side."

The elaborate presentation seemed to overshadow the artist's woodcuts at the onset and then on closer inspection it became clear that Sun Xun's work provided a narrative on the connotation of time itself in a mystical way and through the combining of what appeared to be ancient, mythological and futuristic themes,  We found ourselves searching for clues in each element of the exhibition and looking to each woodcut panel for mapping through this 'other' time dimension within the installation's container.

The artist is quoted as referring to his work as his religion and as communication with his "spirit god".  Sun Xun has exhibited his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and his films have been shown at Torino Film Festival and the Guggenheim Museum among many other venues.  Sun Xun's work is truly worthy of notice and study -- we look forward to what he will offer next ... (Above - right, "Reconstruction of the Universe Installation"; Below:woodcut from Sun Xun's Time Spy and Time Spy screening in Times Square) 

We also encountered a very talented artist by the name of Anna Borowy, who was being exhibited at SCOPE art fair by JANINE BEAN GALLERY. Anna's work was very interesting -- her paintings made you feel like you were in her mind .. in the forest, in the snow and eye to eye with animals and characters she brought to our dimension. (Right:   Zeichen von Ihr“ Öl auf Leinwand, oil on canvas 140 x 120 cm 2016)  

We had  conversations with Janine Bean and Ms. Borowy (links below):

PULSE art fair consistently features new and engaging work. Two of the artists whose work stood out last year were both from Japan.  Ken Matsubara had moving images of water and moving pictures as reflections in the water of his "Moon Bowls".  His work referred to some of the basic elements that humans encounter such as air, fire and water. Mr. Matsubara's work also illustrates ideas of mental repetition between the past and the present in processing memory.  Link to our conversation with Ken Matsubara below.  


Storm in Glass by Ken Matsubara from Lightbox on Vimeo.

We also saw the beautiful works of Hiroshi Shinno from a series of works called, "Cluster of Life" at PULSE art fair. The pieces looked like enlarged dandelion puffs suspended in space. The works we're installed in a dark corner that transported he viewer into another dimension and brought back the child-like curiosity and awe of simple complexities found in nature.

(Below - works from "Cluster of Life" by Hiroshi Shinno)


DESIGN MIAMI also featured a beautiful retro styled installation from FENDI. We interviewed curator, Maria Cristina Didero who curated FENDI's "Happy Room" designed by Cristina Celestino. The room's color and mood was presented in the style of the 1950s with echoes from even earlier times. Didero described this room's classic European style with its contemporary tone and iconic features.

The "Happy Room" blushed with rosy tones and featured mirrors, vanities, rounded corners and powder puffs ! The room was luxuriously modern and pleasingly light. See images of FENDIi's "Happy Room" designed by Cristina Celestino and Curated by Maria Cristina Didero below with a link to our conversation with Ms. Didero ...

This year's Basel week will no doubt be eventful, however, it is the element of surprise that makes each year's experience noteworthy and memorable ...

-- D. Young (dy7) for Do You Basel ?

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