THE ODD WORLD OF LYNDALE PETTUS .. meet the man down the rabbit hole ...


When we first met Lyndale it was 4 years ago on Miami Beach. My first impression of Lyndale (and it was an honest impression) he was like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Lyndale was always late for a very important date. Curious . . . hmm!

Fast Foward: We ran into Lyndale again at an event we produced during Art Basel Miami (2012), at the Wolfsoinian Museum. Lyndale slowed down long enough to reveal he was a photographer. He showed us his photos and sure enough, he had the EYE. 

This is where it gets odd. (ODD is good if you are a creative.) We saw delicate photos of nature,

scrap and iron architecture,trippy lights from airports and parking garagesand extremely obscure and nortorious pop culture icons from the 60's (sweet) !

REGIS De BOUVIER De CACHARD, the French aristocratic artist who for a time during the late 1960s and early 70s had been ranked by critics as one of the 20th century’s greatest artists. Cousin of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy . . .

Robert Indiana, also known as Robert Clark. Indiana's best known image is the word LOVE. He was the star of Andy Warhol's film Eat (1964),

Photographer William John Kennedy is believed to have taken the only photographs in existence of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana together. 

William John Kennedy, Robert Indiana and Regis De Bouvier De Cachard are some of the charactors you will find down, Lyndale's RABBIT HOLE.


"The artists we love to work with are curious, skewed and slightly odd (in a good way)".  Well with that being the case, Lyndale is our man.

We are opening our inaugural photo club DEPTH OF FIELD 24/7™ (dof247) on Black Art in America, with an exhibit, the ODD World of Lyndale Pettus.  We found the perfect location for the exhibit. Smith and Wollensky steakhouse on Miami Beach.


P.S. We are also happy to announce that Lyndale is the Chairman of Depth of Field 24/7 aka dof247

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