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Bodyscapes An Exhibition honoring Paul R. Jones

Heritage is often juxtaposed with collective or individual identity. The works of Floyd Coleman, David Driskell, and Robin Holder acknowledge African legacy in the construction of the contemporary African American self by referencing a variety of African cultural forms, including textiles, sculptural traditions, and mythologies. …


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TSU Mural Collection by African American Artists Surveyed - Report to Save The Murals Task Force


The other day, February 23rd, was a big day in the process of moving the discussion forward for the Save The Murals process at Texas Southern University. I met with TSU President Dr. John M. Rudley and with a very impressive gathering of professionals as the Mural Task Force.…


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When is an image no longer art?

I thought I had my answer. But alas, what drives art acquisition? Emotion and connection to an image. And price. I am, admittedly, a stickler for supporting the mission of living artists who create original art. Perhaps its because I am accustomed to collecting contemporary fine art (and have become familiar with the pricing – recognizing that many living artists accept nominal and variable pay checks for the greater mission of creating art), or perhaps because I come from a lineage of…


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I just found out about this site....



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Faith Ringgold video

Faith Ringgold video Continue

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A Perfect Place to Publish Your Own Book


If you follow this link you will be able to see what I've done with my artwork. It is so simple, you will be able to document your work, leave a history of who you are and create a nice coffee table book in full color of your artwork. My book is titled, "The Art of My Life." You get to design it, you own it, and they will sell it for you on their site. You can link to your book…


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Fulfilling a dream

Hi, my name is Doris and I am an artist.  I am saying this for the first time because I have finally began to live my dream.  My dream has been to comminicate to the outside world who I am and to share what I have learned on this journey, my life.  I have always loved sharing the written word, the spoken word and the world shared through visual art.  My love affair with art has been lifelong, and I have yearned to find the medium through which I can release inner soul.  I have recently started… Continue

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Henry W. Dixon Bio


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BLACKATCHA… once again Opens at ISI Arti Associate


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Rich Progressive History Makes Riverside Church Pefect Setting for Harlem Fine Arts Show

By Milford Prewitt


This Church believes in the ministry of beauty, and makes no apology for building as impressive a sanctuary as it was able,” from a 1930 handbook on Riverside Church, reprinted in “The History of the Riverside Church in the City of New York”


With a preamble like that, it’s no wonder the Harlem Fine Arts Show teamed up with Riverside Church to host the showcase of African-American art…


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Walker and more at Nealauction.com

Hi - Their auction catalog also includes the following:

#322 Walker - Male cotton picker

#323 Walker - female cotton picker

#328 Ellis Wilson

#329 Clementer Hunter

#331 & 332 Charles White

#335 Barthe

#336 Fuller

#355 Benny Andrew

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William Aiken Walker - Cabin Scene - Winter Estates Auction, February 12 & 13, 2011

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: www.nealauction.com

319. William Aiken Walker (American/Charleston, 1838-1921, active New Orleans, 1876-1905), "Cabin Scene", oil on academy board, signed lower left, 6 1/4 in. x 12 in., in a giltwood frame.…


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Artist Statement


As a person reared in a small southern town in the South, where the people were hard working, caring, and sharing, my values were set.  In difficult times with very few material possessions, their faith, and values are what carried them through.  I want to reflect those values in my work, - religion, race, pride, love of family, and love of country.  I believe my work can enhance one's social awareness and cultural differences throughout the world.  My art gives the viewer a story…


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Mr. Imagination rises again

The renowned visionary artist who first captivated his Chicago hometown by turning castoffs like industrial sandstone and…

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  Artist’s Statement My art is my voice without having to speak, the poem I could not rhyme, and the song I do not have the voice to sing.  It is my inspiration, as well as, my discomfort.  My works …


Artist’s Statement

My art is my voice without having to speak, the poem I could not rhyme, and the song I do not have the voice to sing.  It is my inspiration, as well as, my discomfort.  My works are surreal and whimsical images of concern about our history, man’s interactions with nature, dreams and reality, accepting life’s uncertainties while trying to add a deeper understanding into our lives.  Can our respect and attitude towards nature allow answers to many…


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52 Years of Valentine Days

I spent Valentine Day with my 80 something years old Uncle and Aunt. They have been married for 52 years!!!- I am writing this blog/post because a few months ago I wrote to Najee expressing how some of his work touched my heart. The works moved memories of my old family photos of Uncles and Aunts, their old cars and homes. This saturday, my uncle George will be taped for a documentary concerning Chatham in Chicago. And for my alumni art presentation at CSU, I will be submitting a bevy of…


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Artists in Bronzeville

I am in Chicago looking for other artists on the southside, Bronzeville area. I know we have a lot of artists in the area but I am not sure where  I can find their work. Lets get together maybe collaborate, talk, start a coop?



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Contents, Characters

February, what a month, what a trip down memory lane and still somethings remain the same. Some are familiar with the 'doll test' first conducted in 1954, the year of my birth. A black doll, a white doll was placed in front of a test sample of children to see which one they preferred, which would be chosen, embraced, cuddled. Most times than not, the white doll was chosen.


I experienced a similar situation this weekend on the eve of the 2nd annual Black comic book…


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How the Art Process Imitates Life

It is often said that art imitates life.  Although this adage relates to finished works of art, it is my opinion that the art process imitates life more..  When you really think about it, during the art process is the only time an artist truly owns his work.  It is during this time of concentrated creativity that art most resembles the sometimes arduous journey called life.

Here are some of the ways in which the art process resembles life:

BEING YOURSELF - Both in creating art…


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LaToya M. Hobbs, Printmaker, Painter

Hello BAIA, here is a recent article about soem of my artwork.  Take a look.


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