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Rings of Reality III: Self and body

Rings of Reality III: Self and body

Core Self’s physical manifestation is the body, the soul’s multidimensional representative. The Multimedia Effect acts upon the familial, social and worldly Self, which serve as repositories of memory, coalescing and innundating core Self in a never-ceasing stream of impressions. These impressions are ordered by importance, gauged against the subjectivity of…


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Mom Believed in Jesus

This poem is recently published in the new anthology - "For Some Time Now" (Performance Poets of New York) Photos by Jonathan Weiskopf, edited by Jeananne Verlee of which I am proud to be included in. Kudos to them.



Mom Believed in…


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Just So You Know

is a performance poet,multi-instrumentalist ,singer/songwriter and paradigm shifter who for over 40 years has used culture as a tool to raise sociopolitical and spiritual consciousness through work that encourages critical thought. A former member of Amiri Baraka's SPIRIT HOUSE MOVERS AND…

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Current Exhibitions Cedric Michael Cox

Hello Everyone

If you are in the the area check out my work in these Galleries



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Rings of Reality II: The hijacking of Consciousness

Rings of Reality II: The hijacking of Consciousness

Deep breaths, 

heart slowing 

mind calming.

Being that consciousness demands expression, movement, the first impression should be one of Beginnings. Omnipresence, Omniscience,Omnipotence. This Trinity of Creation is spoken past language in the distant shadows of earliest time and finds echoes within every…


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Rings of Reality I: Introduction

Rings of Reality I: Introduction

This is the first in a series of musings regarding the world we find ourselves in today. I have been reticent in recent years to speak much about the particulars of the world as it is today, the political, cultural, racial and social aspects of our shared ’reality’, instead concentrating upon the individual,…


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Dropbox! Cloudsharing

Hey guys, HELP! I need more storage space on my DropBox account for my collaborative animation project at school. Would you mind creating an account from this link and helping me earn 500MB each of storage space for your referrals?


What do you get out of it? A basic account with the same bonus storage benefit when you invite friends (via email, Twitter, Facebook) to sign up. For my artist and entrepreneurial friends this is the perfect way to share files back and forth with…


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Enchantress repose awaits.JPG

Just sending you this information about my invitation by the Chief Curator Name:(Lajos Kiss Jozsef),at the (Nyiracsad ThanMor Art Museum) in Hungary east of Europe,invitation reads thus:…


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African American Art/Artist and African American Pop Culture

Gloria D. Brogdon

Research In Photo & Film


Evaluation of Findings


     I have been researching African American Art/Artist and African American Pop Culture. The art ranges from fine art to Video/Spoken Word.  Thus far I have been creating a data base of African American Artist and their art work Each posting includes links to the artist website along with some of…


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All the art posted in my photo gallery, is my emulation of ancient American; African, and Asian art.   I consider this my beginning.  

More realistic  illustration; animation;  and,  fine art is the goal.   

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Art Off The Main, The Premier Showcase of Black & Latino Art Returns to Javits Convention Center, October 2012

I’m elated to share the news: We’re back in New York City--both Art Off the Main and me!

We’ve moved from the art show’s virtual online presence and the Caribbean, where we’ve been headquartered for a few years, to the Javits Convention Center at the heart of the New York/international art scene. And we have a new partner, the Contemporary Art Fair NYC, in its third year.

When? This fall when the art scene is in full swing: October 19, 20, 21.

Art Off the Main is staging…


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Kehinde Wiley's After-Party at the Bower Hotel, NYC

From left; Thelma Golden and Nancy Lane, of the Studio Museum of Harlem, artist Kehinde Wiley, Roger C. Tucker III and Sheryl Hilliard Tucker of Tucker Contemporary Art pose for the camera at Kehinde’s Bowery Hotel after-party following his exhibition opening this past Saturday, May 5,…

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Jack Whitten Reigns At Frieze Art Fair, NYC

The new Jack Whitten's were worth the trip to Frieze Art Fair, NYC.

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Willie Middlebrook , A Master Visionary Has Left Us.


My wife an I were away doing a this weekend doing an art festival when we learned that a good friend, mentor and master artist left us this weekend. Willie Middlebrook a photographer who had vision, the skills and the will to create art that was truly from his third eye. He was stranger at first whose work I was in awe of and then he became a friend and a mentor whose work I'm still in awe of but have been inspired by his vision.

The last few years he and had become…


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As a kid, I was continually told what I couldn't do because I was Black. It was a very frustrating period of my life. However,  at the age of nine (9) a Pullman Porter, name Mr. Ross, gave me a book, which was the Bio of an African-American, name Matthew Henson, an African-American explorer, it changed the course of my life... And freed me from the belief that I couldn't do whatever I desired to do because of my race. Today I am a retired  Jewelry Craftsman,…


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The National Alliance of African and African American Art Support Group

Hope to see you and pass it along to friends.  Thanks  Renee


Art Collectors, Enthusiasts, Educators, Artists, and Museum Professionals

Please join us

Annual Navigating the Mainstream Museum Conference

Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

Saint Louis…


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