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New Web Update

Greetings BAIA! I have recently updated my website (www.IABTA.biz) and I must say that it was a long journey before I got it just right. Sometimes it can become difficult to create a lasting online presence, but I did my best! Check me out, comments welcome. Peace and love BAIA

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Is It Worth It To Pursue An Art Education?

Many creative-type people who are at ease with expressing themselves may believe that an art education is not worthwhile. Why bother to spend years in school when you have innate talent that flows forth naturally?

What is Art Education

Art education is a field wherein learning and knowledge is based upon what you see. When you pursue a degree in art education, you will learn about a wide variety of art subjects such as visual arts, art design, and even fashion. You can… Continue

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McKenna Museum | Party with a Purpose 2 for Haiti | Essence Weekend


Fundraiser to Benefit Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) and

Ballet Folklorique Tamboula d’Haiti


2003 Carondelet Street (Near Trolley Stop Café on St. Charles Ave.)

When: SATURDAY JULY 3, 2010

Time: 8:00 pm– 12


The George and Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art will host a “Party with a Purpose” fundraiser to benefit Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) and… Continue

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Your collector hat versus your artist hat

I'm confused Najee. As an artist I see you actively seeking patrons to acquire your work. Yet from your blog entry you say that as a collector you are looking for and collect works of the established artists with decades of production and recognition (and also in important collections). Isn't there a contradiction in those two activities? Or is this a do as I say not as I do?

Patric McCoy

Added by Patric McCoy on June 24, 2010 at 12:40pm — 3 Comments

why do we paint

the reason why some artist paint is that when we get when an idea then we have to draw in order to get it out on paper with a color or pattern of paint

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Not Just 250 years of Free Labor 6/20/10

Mama Can Sing Papa Can Blow Jazz Stories 2000

The most important cultural contribution black people have made to the visual arts in America has been the quilt. It is also the cultural contribution I am most proud of because it has in many ways used its deep roots in African Art to inspire the Modern art Movement worldwide. All you need to do is catch a glimpse of the Gees Bend Quilts from the 1920s and 30s to know where the Minimalists artists got their “less is more” from in the… Continue

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To Live Free In America 6/19/10

Coming to Jones Road (2000)

In 1992 Birdie and I moved to Jones Road just over the George Washington Bridge in Englewood, New Jersey. It was that move that inspired the next decade of my art making which included Coming to Jones Road and a series of prints titled Under a Blood Red Sky.

The brick ranch house we bought on Jones Road was perfect since my intention was to build an art studio on the second floor. Little did I know I was surrounded by hostile neighbors who would… Continue

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A Welcome I Hold Most Dear.........................

Good morning Najee and Janelle,

It was a pleasure and an "education," speaking with you both recently about Black Art in America and the burgeoning black art community nationwide. As an artist, social activist, teacher, docent, and gallery manager I have learned about human culture and with regards to art, I have begun to understand why: we create it, its various representations and about the discerning tastes of audiences and collectors; both private as well as acquisition… Continue

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About the kids.... 6/18/10

…And Children’s Books in the 1990s

In 1990 I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book, Tar Beach. It did not occur to me that there would be a struggle connected with this endeavor. I was lucky. Ignorance is bliss. In this case I have remained blissfully happy from the beginning. Except for the pronouncement of the art chairman at the University of California in San Diego who said in regard to my authoring and illustrating children’s books: “If we had known that your art would… Continue

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Feeling Connected..........

Often, I find I am drawn to art that is similar to my own style. Why is this so? Is it an underlying egocentric behavior, suggesting I only prefer my own art? Gosh, I hope not!

Or is it something deeper? Maybe it makes me feel connected to that particular artist from a more spiritual point of view. I feel the movement of what they have expressed because it truly speaks to me. In my head, I think we may share similar thought, interests, and emotions; our world view may look somewhat… Continue

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Why Story Quilts? 6/17/10

Story Quilts Painted on Canvas: The 1980s

I became an artist because I wanted to tell my story in my paintings. In 1980 I completed my autobiography We Flew Over the Bridge: The Memoirs of Faith Ringgold Duke University Press. However, I could not get it published until 1995 (15 years later) To get my story out there I began writing my story on my art. Quilts were an art form that would give me the freedom to create as large a painting I chose to and pick it up too. Not only are… Continue

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Just to make another point 6/16/10

The 1970s And What is Women’s Art?

What is Black Art? They would ask in the 60s. By the 1970s and the Women’s Art movement the question was: What is Women’s Art? Did my gender have a genre a cannon that was worth naming? I have no doubt that eventually artists of color will break through these racial and gender barriers as we have done in other areas of American culture that have been formerly closed to us. However, in the meantime, I have developed my own literary voice, my memoirs… Continue

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As I was saying... Jun 15, 2010

The 1960s and What is Black Art?

In 1963 I began my first mature work: a series of 20 oil paintings titled The American People Series. We were in the midst of the Civil Rights Struggle and I wanted to use my art to speak to the issues of racial equality in America. Demonstrations against Art Museums to open up their galleries to Artists of Color and Women were an active part of our strategy.

I am fond of saying, if I had known the problems connected to becoming an artist… Continue

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A Tribute: Retrospective of DC Artist 2008 -2010


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What is Art? 6/14/10 by Faith Ringgold

Making art is a way of life, a passionate means of visual communication that reflects the cultural identity of the maker, and documents the time, place and socio economics of the creation and the creator. Not knowing what, if anything, will come out of the commitment to creativity- one has to be literally in love with the process of creation and work at it as if a sale for each artwork is guaranteed. Actually the saying: “I’d do it for nothing” applies here. However, if you pay me, you will… Continue

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"Where is the black art?" - Miami

Recently I was in the presence of Najee Dorsey and Frank Frazier here in Miami on their way to cruise the Caribbean with Tom Joyner. Frank asked me "Where is the black art?" Excellent question. I have only been here for a few short months and have to say that I have been finding it in not so obvious or even traditional places.

I am a nightlife photographer and I witness some very good, bad, and ugly occurrences. The outrageous fashion of the ghetto has definitely caught my eye! Wild… Continue

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Ernani Silva

Ernani Silva, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, known worldwide for his rich vibrant, spiritually laced works, has had a 30 year career as artist.

He was discovered in 1969 by Professor Harlan Blake and has never stopped painting since. Recycling is the solution he says, - Turning trash into treasure. Working with all media: canvas, wood, paper, glass, zinc and other materials, he says the material itself does not matter- the most important thing is the human feeling conveyed into the… Continue

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Juneteenth Art Exhibit

June 14th - 20th M. Francis Gallery hosts Juneteenth Art Exhibit in Ft. Worth, TX, produced as part of the 2010 Juneteenth Celebration presented by Sam's Club and Wal-mart to benefit the Renaissance Cultural Center Scholarship Fund. Please come out and show your support.

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What is Black Art?

Is it 2010 or 1910? What is Black Art? Art comes from the cultural experience of Black people if it is really art. I think we can observe from the history of art around the world: artists do what they feel, what they know, what they are. I think we can say in 2010 there is a Black experience in America and that one has to be Black in America to define it. Others can emulate it as they have done with the music so that we can drop the word "black" and just call it American popular music or jazz,… Continue

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This web site is an online virtual art gallery dedicated to showing art created by blacks.

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