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Nellie Ashford Exhibit, August 31 - October 15, 2010.

Nellie's People, Works by Nellie Ashford. Artist Talk and reception will be held on Sunday, September 12, 2010, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Come join us to view the wonderful works of Nellie Ashford, and hear the artist speak on her creativity and her experience as a self proclaim folk artist.…


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Wringing Art Out of Rubble In Detroit

The "comments section" is more interesting than the article itself. Odd how a whole article about gentrifying Detroit via art make no overt reference or commentary on race?

Did anyone else see this article published in early Aug of this year?

[excerpt] DETROIT — But Detroit is far from idyllic. Jeff Sturges, who lives on… Continue

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Building Brand...and Dreams

One of my favorite movies is “Field of Dreams.” I found it to be a well conceived screen play. Stories that have layers of meaning are much easier to sit through and later ponder after the lights come up.

That was one.

Field of Dreams is a poignant story about the inner struggles of several people trying to realize their truest purpose in life. Woven and unfolding in opaque layers, this tale mirrors the struggles that we

all experience in…


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Marketing 101: Brand

If you stop to think about the million plus artists living and striving in the USA alone, you might begin to wonder how you're going to make your art stand out from the rest of those good, artistic souls.

Well, the answer is the same as it was for car manufacturers and copy machine makers and internet search engines...over time.


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Thoughts on Ted Ellis' Question: How Important are Contemporary African American Artists?


The question speaks for its self, but it is not how important contemporary artists are, yet how important do those with mastery over the written word feel about Blackness…


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No Longer An Oral Tradition: My Journey Through Percussion Notation

I am the one who created a system to preserve the percussion music of Africa, and recently published a book on this. People have asked me how I came to be the one to do this revolutionary work. This is my response.--



Somewhere in the blackness of night, snuggled in the warmth of my bed, as I am sleeping, a time where nothing disturbs the stillness of the dark, I listen to the voice of my ancestors as they speak to me. Perhaps the words that best express their message are… Continue

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Design Patents

Hey artists & designers!

Have you ever innovated a design exclusive to this era and realize that somebody with more business savvy than you grabbed the idea plus $50,000 U.S. and manufactured it in China?!?!?! (Pulls hair now!) What is an artist to do? Go to <a href="">… Continue

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The need for an African American artist guild

if there are any suggestions, but i believe that a guild similar to the GAG (graphic artists guild.or AIGA) should be in order for African American art. Membership...perhaps one where they are artist benefits such as grants or insurance. If there is anything similar please let me know, but I have had difficulty finding a cohesive place focusing primarly on Black Artists except Black Art in America and some others independent venues. I still believe it is still not very mainstream, any thoughts… Continue

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I am new to this site, but not to the arts. My partner, as well as his brother, are black artists. For years, they have travelled the states promoting their art at various shows. They are very passionate about their work, and I not only support their art, but stand firm behind them both. I live in Orlando and find that there is not a huge art world here. I am very interested in setting up an "artist row" so various artists can network, sell, create, etc. amongst the atmosphere of other artists.… Continue

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How Important are Contemporary African American Artists?

For over 25 years I have been painting and pictorially documenting African American culture, and using art as an instrument of preserving our culture. I've challenged folks to look beyond and behind the art that is created and value the artist. As artist we speak to you politically, socially, academically, spiritually, historically and add economic value. There's a next generation of great artists, not just a handful, who are making history and making their mark. We seem to be to critical and… Continue

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Mystery Painting found in Berkely, CA

I have been presented with many works of art that people have found in attics while restoring houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina, collections that have just been stored away in garages until discovered by renovators and even a collection of a 90 year old woman whose works have never been seen. But just recently a friend of mine sent to me an original oil painting that as a New Orleanian has touched me in a way that I cannot explain. The painting is of a black family on a roof, surrounded by… Continue

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Having kids and teaching over the past five years has thrown a blanket on my "emergence..." but that's a topic for another blog....

...and here's the blog!

I'd just like to learn what others have to say about their experience balancing studio and creative time with all the other responsibilities, such as family and profession. I am full-time professor, and married with children, so I think about this topic a lot.

Does anyone else empathize?

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Extraordinary Network


Your on-line magazine is a brilliant idea and historical genius! The time has come for the opportunity to connect Black artist, art-cultural historians and museum professionals in this burgeoning world community.

Particularly in the New Orleans community where I grew up, I view it as the birthplace of African American history. We do love our history and the collective of important museums and galleries being spearheaded here by African Americans for…

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Sticks, Stones and Bones

View the recently added marble sculptures at

Added by IbeBulinda Crawley on August 16, 2010 at 7:38pm — No Comments Artist Carole J, McCoy delivers a a hybrid of human spirit and the survival of nature, ode to mother nature triumphing over the oil spill, "Pelicans-Rising'. Articulate, in the force and fierceness of readiness, to save Louisiana. The Pelican rises from the blood-spilled oil, to overcome this devastation. She moves foward with hope, restoartion intact. The mossy-green sky, sits in the background… Continue

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Congratulations to Renee Stout


To Washington, DC area artist Renee Stout, the 2010 winner of the High Museum of Art's David C. Driskell Prize, which recognizes Stout's original and important contribution to African-American art.

Stout's show Renee Stout: The House of Chance and Mischief opens Saturday, September 11, 2010 with a public reception from 6:30 - 8:30PM at… Continue

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The International Review of African American Art

Hello All,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the International Review of African American Art (IRAAA). The IRAAA is a distinctive journal published by the Hampton University Museum. Our journal covers a wide variety of topics through the prism of African American art. Timeless past issues…


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Who are the Emerging Artists that have most impressed you and why? Do you have any constructive criticism or advice for these Artists?

The impetus behind my question above comes from a question posted on Aug. 3rd, in which Brother Najee asked “What is an Emerging Artist?

Immediately following, a young Artist named Athesia offered the following insightful definition.

“I would say an emerging artist is someone who has begun to create and understand their own artistic language. An emerging artist begins to work with some consistency, in terms of their "symbol" set, themes, and subjects. That…


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Release: Driskell Center Receives Major Donation from Nene Humphrey

The David C. Driskell Center is pleased to announce the receipt of a

generous gift, comprised of 156 works; a donation by artist and art

collector Nene Humphrey from the Benny Andrews and Nene Humphrey


The donation includes works by significant American artists such as

Richard Anuszkiewiez, Leonard Baskins, Ed Clarke, Lesley Dill, David C.

Driskell, Mel Edwards, Reginald Gammon, Red Grooms, Leroy Henderson,

Karl Knaths, Alvin Loving,… Continue

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Work of Art:The Next Great Artist by Bravo: Abdi Farah!!!

All is good in the art world, Abdi Farah, a young African American artist won Bravo's first competition show for visual artists this past Wednesday!!! The winner receives 100,000.00, plus a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum of Art! . Please show your love and support by checking out the exhibit in record numbers to show Museums around the country that we will respond and support artists of diverse ethnicities!

August 14–October 17,…


Added by April Harrison on August 13, 2010 at 8:47pm — 4 Comments

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