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My Quilt Collection is Organized

Although my quilt studio is not always the most organized place imaginable, I am very meticulous about managing and organizing my quilt collection. Soon after I began quilting, I discovered My Art…


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Keeping An Eye on Bronzeville & Chatham in Chicago

Keeping an Eye on Bronzeville & Chatham

There appears to be a genuine interest and curiosity about a community that…


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Drawing Metaphors by Victor Ekpuk

Inspired by Nsibidi, a Nigerian language,these works by Victor Ekpuk comprise old and new symbols or codes to express contemporary experiences.

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Abstract Painter Najjar appointed to Gov. Quinn's Muslim American Advisory Council


August 30, 2011


Governor Quinn Announces Creation of Muslim American Advisory Council

Names Members to New Council During Religious Observance



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How will Black Artist record Injustice?

A STATEMENT FROM MICHAEL MOORE ON THE EXECUTION OF TROY DAVIS: "I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, to never do business in Georgia. I will ask my publisher to pull my book from every Georgia bookstore and if they won't do that I will donate every dime of every royalty my book makes in Georgia to help defeat the racists and killers who run that state. I ask all Americans with a conscience to shun anything…

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My young artists need your help...

We are short on supplies and I have taken to begging so my students have what they need....  I have a project entitled "Young Painters" on the website "Donors Choose".  Put your money where your mouth is and please help my kids.  I have attached the link to my project.  On behalf of myself and my students--thank you so much!!

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Freedom Flag Story #5

War takes a toll on young men sends them home In body bags or Out of their Minds. Lets find another way to be free. Maybe fight an old man's war- Don't nobody get hurt- Talk tough and at night go to sleep in a bed. No More War. © 9/11/03 by Faith Ringgold

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Ancient Art Images

The oldest human image uncovered is that of a Black Woman.  In cave paintings and various mediums left by the Nubians-Gramaldi’s of Olde Europa, portray woman in all manners of  society and leadership, hunting, warrior queen, communal officials, priest, healers, gods, agriculturalist, homemakers, teachers and animal domestication. These images were represented some 40,000 years ago. MA

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Inspiration: The Story Behind "The Story".


The question I get asked most often about my work is: “Where do you get your ideas?”

Personally, I don't believe in “inspiration” in the sublime magical sense.  
Want good ideas? Get to…

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Peaceable Kingdom Exhibition: Dedicated to Robert Blackburn

Dear Black Art in America Colleagues,

I am pleased to have a number of new works in the Peaceable Kingdom group exhibition: Dedicated to Robert Blackburn



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Artist: William Walker, who helped paint ‘Wall of Respect,’ dies

Artist: William Walker, who help paint ‘Wall of Respect,’ dies

When Artist William Walker helped paint the “Wall of Respect” in 1967, black faces were seldom seen in school textbooks, the mainstream media or on the walls of galleries or museums.

But the mural of African-American heroes on the side of a liquor…


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Ancient Cowrie



            The name Cowrie is derived from the word kauri or yoni of the universe.  From the more modern interpretations of the cowrie as a symbol of cultural and aboriginal identity to the ancient ideas of the cowrie as a symbol of deity and the ancestors, the cowrie has a very long history.  The cowrie and other cowries-like groups are part of a family known for its brilliant color, smooth polish and…


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911 and Muslim


Visual art is a powerful form of expression which allows us to document both history and emotions. In my experimental drawing with charcoal as a wet/dry medium, the technique was perfect for this piece titled, 911 & Muslim (2002). The drawing was the result of a conversation I had with a…


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Ancient Gravesites

Most of your ancient gravesites are of women. They are elaborately filled with a number of artefacts like flowers, pots, spindles, wheels and jewelry some of this dates back to the time 50,000 B.C. In many of these uncovered graves, the deceased is found clutching in their hands to the chest a small figurine, which they hold while lying in a fetal position. Most of these figurines are shaped in a female form with wings. The ancient records suggest that these female figurines are symbols of… Continue

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Lucky Sibiya's uMabatha Wood Prints

Tokesplace features South African Artist Lucky Sibiya’s uMabatha wood prints. Lucky Sibiya painted woodcut panels, his abstract paintings and sculptural carvings. Sibiya is best known richly carved flowing rhythmic lines and painted wood panels. View the show



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Freedom Flag Story #3 (10)

Ninety Virgins on their way to Heaven ran into 90 Bitches from Hell. “Hello pretty Virgin Ladies. Where are you going on this lovely day?”


“It’s Nine Eleven and were on our way to Heaven

To meet Nineteen Suicide Bombers there.”


“Well well!  Do tell… Nine Eleven… Suicide Bombers in Heaven?

We think not. Heaven is not where they’re at.

There’s been a huge mistake. But for Heaven’s sake What’s a little sin? We’ll get you in.  And we’ll…


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Freedom Flag Story #2 (6)

On Tuesday Morning you called me from the burning sky. Your searing words of pain will forever remain encrusted in my heart:

“My darling we are facing the Devil in the Sky a hateful man with a hellish plan for all of us to die. There is a mountain in every valley but is there a safe haven in the sky?  If so …We will try. If not … My Darling  I Love You… Good Bye”

By Faith Ringgold © 9/11/01


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Nothing Good About Goodbye

I can see the seam where my soul began to split

That the stitches of dreams could not suture

My hopes and fantasies in an instant were killed

There is no wish or hope for our future

All the plans vanished before my eye

For there is nothing good about goodbye

The heavens wear a dark mask

That the gray smothers the warmth of the sun

So many questions my soul wants to ask

But the hour is much too late for this to be done

How I could just run away… Continue

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The Fabric Of This Night

Our kisses like lightning like sparks of electricity like orange flames

Warmed sparkled energized the rhythm of the darkness

We sat amongst the audience of a million brilliant envious stars

Wrapped in the jackets of arms and the fabric of this night

We spoke every word sang every song with a closed mouth

Our souls danced until the heavens could hear the breathing of our pores

Our touches like burning embers like miles of silk like red paint

Soothed… Continue

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