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Take a LOOK- SEE The Art

999 or shall I say "NO NO NO Cornell" Art is about the artist's identity, and the time, place and vision of the artist. This is the only determination to the art of a people. A great people, in a given time and place  will inspire great artists to do great art. We have to look and see to know the art. So few people have the time or the inclination to learn the ART OF LOOKING and SEEING. Great Art is all around us.  Not "the art of living" Take a LOOK SEE. The art of looking and seeing  what the… Continue

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Why we do what we do when we do it.

Someone asked "Why do people use God as an excuse?"  I responded:  "Is there a better one?"    "Helping one another run the gauntlet from birth to old age (and beyond) has brought out the best in African American families throughout history." (parenthesis mine). -Andrew Billingsley, Ph.D.   Art is life as liturgy. Like living in love or swimming in wonderful chocolate.

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Vernon Davis, 49ers Tight End, Wants Kids to Love Art

49er's Vernon Davis helping teens discover art


Not everyone can be a professional tight end in the NFL. But 49ers tight end Vernon Davis wants to let kids know that they can, just like him, follow their dreams to be artists.

On top of a successful career in the NFL, Davis has also been an artist since college; he had a dream about himself painting and decided to switch from a criminal justice major to studio art.

Now he's helping youngsters do the same… Continue

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A "Save The Date" for Art Lovers in the Washington D.C. Area.

I’m on the move!

Next stop Morton Fine Art in Washington D.C. where I will be showing the (Re)calling and (Re)telling series along with “The Story” series.

If you missed my “Talking to Myself” exhibition in NYC in September, this is a great chance to see both bodies of work in one place. Also, it’s my last Art Tour stop of 2011 before I jump continent and head back to France just in time for the Paris Photo Art Fair.

If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet…


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The very first document is living organic skin, which contains the sky, the earth, the waters and the wind.  One learns to read prophesies, fore warnings and truths in the skin and the blood.  The story of creation is found in the skin. This is the first language based in ecology, theology and biology.  The world within is whole and all things that are within are without.  It is from the internal center that we unite with the world and the universe.


            From the world…


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Post-Black, Post-Huxtable: The Art of Post-Modern Identity + Collecting

     Post-Black, Post-Huxtable:

          The Art of Post-Modern Identity + Collecting

via Post Huxtable Theory


For several years, the term Post-Black has enthusiastically dove off the tips of various African American Gen Xers’ and…


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1st Annual Cultural Arts Award Quilt Exhibition Honoring Faith Ringgold at City College of New York - Fall 2011

Quilt Slideshow Honoring Faith Ringgold

32 quilts are on exhibition at Aaron Davis Hall at City College, 132nd Street at Convent Avenue in New York City.  The common theme is to honor the work and art tradition of Faith Ringgold.  The exhibition opened October 6, 2011 and will close December 1, 2011.  Faith Ringgold invites all of the quilters to post their…


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"CURRENTS" - An Intergenerational Exhibit & Event

CURRENTS is a visual art exhibit featuring works by F. Geoffrey Johnson and Kerly Suffren.  The exhibit features works by two men from two very different generations.  F. Geoffrey, who is in his 60’s grew up influenced by “Jim Crow” laws and the Civil Rights Movement; while Kerly, in his…


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1000 Words - Trevor Brown in Media Tapper A Social Media Magazine

This new online publication Media Tapper just did a piece about me. Of course my Google+ followers are spiking. They are going to do a follow up with some images from upcoming trip to Ghana, I…


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The Ancient Law of Words of Power (AUM)

The Law of Words of Power "There are words (symbols) that are able to change the inner and/or outer realities of those using/perceiving them. These words do not necessarily need to be consciously understood by those using/perceiving them in order to have their effect." The basis of these words of power, or mantras lie in their vibrational value, in the structural energy-pattern that they form through the enunciation of them, and the way that these vibrations and energy-pattern affect our…


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Pottery The Ancient Experiments


            The ancient experiments in science and technology that produced cooking also, much later produced the first pottery.  Initially pottery was made of unbaked clay, later fire-hardened. The Mothers are the originators and preservers of pottery-making the…


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