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Visions of Our 44th President

A new exhibition will prove that it’s possible to see one man forty-four different ways.

Visions of Our 44th President is a collective sculptural show created to honor and celebrate the significance of the first African American President of the United States, Barack…


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Hearne Fine Art Explores the Secondary Art Market with New Show

LITTLE ROCK, AR, September 11, 2012:  Through October 11th, Hearne Fine Art will delve in the secondary art market with a unique presentation of African American art formerly owned by private clients wishing to sell.  The exhibit features a wide range of artists and mediums and includes art produced from the 19th century to the present. Power of Art includes a rare landscape by Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937), one of the first academically trained African…


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Future of Black Art in America

Dear Black Art in America Colleagues and Friends,


You may have experienced difficulty logging on the site. Well there’s good news! The site is back up. In addition, it’s with great pleasure that we announce the next phase for the official site for Black Art in America. In the next quarter, BAIA will be undergoing a dramatic upgrade to our platform and our editorial process. A new visual identity here and across the network is only one step we are taking to enhance our free…


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Obama's 2013 Arts Budget Focuses On Education, Mitigating NEA Cuts

Yesterday the Huffington Post explored Mitt Romney's plan to gut federal arts funding, as part of our Shadow Convention feature. Here's our breakdown of President Obama's plans for the arts.


While Mitt Romney has touted a…


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For Ms. Gonzalez spiral forms are pervasive, macro and micro, embodied universally in structures like the Milky Way, earth’s orbit, DNA and much matter in between. They are pervasive across cultures evoking the magnetism of the mysterious and the sublime.

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TheUrbanCollective Hosts its Second Annual Art Africa Miami Arts Fair. Apply today!

Art Africa Miami Arts Fair is a juried multidisciplinary exhibition of fine contemporary art from the global African Diaspora, situated in the epicenter of Miami’s African-American cultural…

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As she lay quivering in anticipation, uncertain and dismayed,

As her experienced lover prepares to mount his prey,

Her mind says "Yes"... Her heart says "Wait"...

As she lie in her innocence and tries to debate,

As he approaches her unstained nest and prepares to land his plane,

Her mind says "Come"... Her heart says "Wait!"...Again,

As her thighs are trembling, ready to quake,

Her body convulses, her nest begins to shake,

He hovers like a vulture, spying… Continue

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What not my Love?

What is important today is that artists continue to create narratives about the "what for &  what of" supporting imagination and creative expression in the midst of unparalleled opportunities which often compromise each other.  Art from the heart is critical in this exploit of sustainable activism when commercial realities profane so much sacred ground. Welcome to the interior critique of post-modernism.

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Just as I recovered from the shock art event in Sweden created by artist Makode Linde...

(google image)…


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I had the good fortune to see the Linotype documentary last night at an AIGA function at The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.I was moved by the film, see it if you ever get the chance.The film…

I had the good fortune to see the Linotype documentary last night at an AIGA function at The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.I was moved by the film, see it if you ever get the chance.The film is a prime example of the formula  that makes good content for today's consumers.We are all consumers of media and when the formula(Story+People +Design=Good Content) is done right it is satisfying to the soul and the intellect.The film depicts the impact and history of the Linotype machine that…


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Inappropriate picture

I cannot read spanish so my co worker read it for me and this is a very disrespectful portrayal of First Lady Michelle Obama.  Even if you cannot read spanish, the picture is inappropriate, full stop!!! Michelle and President Obama have faced an enormous amount of disrespect which I primarily attribute to the fact that they are African Americans.  Racism and prejudice is very strong in America and Barack Obama becoming president only brought more bigots to the surface.

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"Silence On Blast"(Excerpt from an Up-coming Book) - Greg Angaza Pitts

Silence  Put  On  Blast  (artist/ Frank Williams)



             Frank  Williams’  current  art  exhibition  entitled  “Silence,”  at  La  Petite 


gallery ,  offers  an  illuminating  and  informative  journey  for  the  viewer.  First ,  it


reintroduces  a  seasoned  artist  producing  important  work ,  to  the  greater  Southern


California  area .  Second ,  the  artist  uses  the  exhibit  to  examine  the …


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My Quilts on YouTube

Several of my quilts were part of the 2012 Atlanta Quilt Festival. Check them out. Search O.V. Brantley Quilt Studio or click below.

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New member San Francisco 3.9 Art Collective

Feeling blessed. I was accepted as a new member (along with three other artists) into the 3.9 Art Collective.  The group is comprised of African American Artists who live and reside in San Francisco.  Looking forward to collaborating with a amazing group of people.   There are some very exciting projects coming up. Will keep you posted.

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The Art of Doll Making...

I've loved dolls since childhood. Like many doll collectors and art collectors today, we enjoy displaying and sharing our collection with others. I recently acquired a piece from a wonderful lady who considers her work mixed media art. I certainly…


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A child with a crayon can color an imaginary world,

With dolls of mommies, daddies, boys and girls,

Full of horses, cowboys, cars and trains,

Can scratch them out and draw them all again,

Color me a rainbow with a pot of gold,

Color me a fairy with ribbons and bows,

Paint my face, a bright yellow sun,

In a green grassy field where a blue river runs,

With mountains and trees set in a colorful scene,

Monkey bars, teeter-totters, an old tire… Continue

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Call For Artists




Promote your work on my daily updated blog - …


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Greetings BAIA!

Hello All :)

I just wanted to reach out to my new BAIA friends and all the members here. Here's a little something…


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The Heart of the Race: Oral Histories of the Black Women's Movement - at BCA Black Cultural Archives, London UK


The Heart of the Race will be the opening exhibition at the Black heritage centre in early 2013. This has been developed from an oral history project which recorded and contextualised the stories of Black women and their struggles and achievements in Britain. The inspiration for both is the seminal book The Heart of the Race by Beverley Bryan, Stella Dadzie and Suzanne Scafe (Virago, 1985). 

The project has collected the testimonies 36 women including those…


Added by Christy Symington MRBS on August 25, 2012 at 9:33am — 2 Comments

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