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Counterculture with Faron Manuel: Négritude


The word négritude literally translates to Negro-ness and articulates the aesthetic commonalities found throughout the arts, cultures, and social practices of people of African origin. Négritude was also…


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FLOR500: Call to Florida Artists

FLOR500: Call to Florida Artists
As Florida turns 500 in 2013, across the State different groups will be presenting programs honoring this historic event. Our contribution is FLOR500, it’s a participatory art project where we combined art, history and nature. We have a statewide open-call to artists living in…

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Anthony E. Boone Shares His COSMIC VISION at Art Basel Miami

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African American Masters At Ink Miami Art Fair During Basel - Aaron Galleries

Johnathan's Hands, 1999, 38 1/4 x 49 1/2 inches
Van Dyke Brown Print, signed, lower right 

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Do You Basel ™ Events - Black Art In America 12/4-12/9/12 (week of Art Basel Miami 2012)

BLACK ART IN AMERICA, NRM Projects and Harlem Brewery present:

FRESH PERKED COFFEE™ (MIAMI) PERKULATOR Discussions & Performances™  (Fall / Winter 2012).



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Wynwood is the BOMB for art & music!!

Oh I'm so upset that I cannot be in Miami,FL for this years Art Basel Miami 2012 but specicifically one neighborhood in particular which is the Wynwood Arts District that's located on the mainland just west of South Beach Miami but east of US route 1. Last year I was there and I can't explain how much I love this area and what it has to offer in terms of total visual and audio stimulation from morning until the wee hours of the next. For some like the hardcore street artists its no sleep til… Continue

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Morton Fine Art - Art Basel Schedule

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N'Namdi Contemporary Miami Art Basel Schedule


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The Urban Collective Host Second Annual Art Africa Miami


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Do YOU Basel?™ Art Benefit

Showcasing the best in Visual Arts from -- Faith Ringgold and Otto Neals to Mr. Imagination and Louis Delsarte -- Black Art In America presents the, Do You Basel? Art Benefit. You can acquire exciting collections of works right here, right now all before you even touch down at Art Based Miami 2012.
By purchasing art from this selection, you are not only…

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Black Art In America, Shaping Tomorrow's Visual Arts Landscape During Art Basel Miami 2012

Black Art In America's Do YOU Basel? - Art Benefit (Call to Artists) …


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What not my Love?

What is important today is that artists continue to create narratives about the "what for &  what of" supporting imagination and creative expression in the midst of unparalleled opportunities which often compromise each other.  Art from the heart is critical in this exploit of sustainable activism when commercial realities profane so much sacred ground. Welcome to the interior critique of post-modernism.

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Just as I recovered from the shock art event in Sweden created by artist Makode Linde...

(google image)…


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"Silence On Blast"(Excerpt from an Up-coming Book) - Greg Angaza Pitts

Silence  Put  On  Blast  (artist/ Frank Williams)



             Frank  Williams’  current  art  exhibition  entitled  “Silence,”  at  La  Petite 


gallery ,  offers  an  illuminating  and  informative  journey  for  the  viewer.  First ,  it


reintroduces  a  seasoned  artist  producing  important  work ,  to  the  greater  Southern


California  area .  Second ,  the  artist  uses  the  exhibit  to  examine  the …


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The Heart of the Race: Oral Histories of the Black Women's Movement - at BCA Black Cultural Archives, London UK


The Heart of the Race will be the opening exhibition at the Black heritage centre in early 2013. This has been developed from an oral history project which recorded and contextualised the stories of Black women and their struggles and achievements in Britain. The inspiration for both is the seminal book The Heart of the Race by Beverley Bryan, Stella Dadzie and Suzanne Scafe (Virago, 1985). 

The project has collected the testimonies 36 women including those…


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2012 William H Johnson Prize -$25,000 - deadline 28 Sept 2012

William H. Johnson Foundation For The Arts

William H. Johnson, c. 1918.

2012 William H. Johnson Prize

Application deadline: September 28, 2012

William H. Johnson Foundation For The Arts



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70 foot hero mural does my heart good--where is the public art for Black heroes?

It really did my heart good to see this mural going up.  I have admired John Lewis the moment I saw the video of him taking a bloody…


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Semmaster is the pseudonym that I chose,

It's the essence of who I am and what I do,

The S stands for Steven, a crown of great worth,

"E" is Eugene, well born of this earth,

The Surname is Miller, from father to son,

The Master is whom I seek and hope someday to become,

One with his spirit, intertwined with his soul,

The master of my own destiny with the knowledge to know,

That through Christ I stand here all naked and clothed,

With the innocence of… Continue

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SAMELLA LEWIS By Greg Angaza Pitts From Artillery magazine's June/July 2012



By  Greg Angaza  Pitts  From Artillery magazine's  June/July 2012 Vol.6 issue 5  p.27  Here's a link - Artillery%20review%20of%20Samella%20Lewis%20at%20Louis%20Stern%20Gallery%20by%20Gre.pdf


Composed  of two…


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State of the Arts series | In These Streets! with Kendrea Mekkah

Who is blkSOTA? from MEKtext Network on Vimeo.

#blkSOTA stands for State of the Arts, an online documentary style series that…


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