The passing of a great artist - Ellsworth Ausby

Ellsworth Ausby, died last year March 6, 2011,   he was a painter, a Professor, a family man and a friend.  He was a Professor of Art at the School of Visual Arts for over 30 years.  He help a lot of students from different cultures.  He also traveled in Africa, exhibited at the National Museums in Lagos, and museums in the United States.  His memorial, in Brooklyn, was attended by artists, friends and family.  Ellsworth Ausby  also taught painting for The Visual Arts Center, in Summit New Jersey, to professional  people of the european culture.   Ellsworth was a master in the technique of Drawing, I was told that  as a student he used to set on the streets of  village in NYC,  and draw portraits of people, this is were he really learned to draw.  I  hope to write a book about Ellsworth Rashied Ausby, why, because he was a true artist, that did not kiss ass, i watched the video featuring Al loving, may he rest in peace, other artist Joe Overstreet, who was supposed to be a friend of Ausbys, Sam Gilliam, Howardena Pindell, Mel Edwards, Ed Clark, i was introduced to these artist  and other artists.  Ellsworth knew these artists, and a lot of other artists,  Ellsworth was not in a gallery, nobody was working for him. He was the sole supported of his family, he helped his mother, his father, his three brothers, and when i came  into his life, Ellsworth had three daughters, and we had one one together.    I helped to raise two of his daughters, and our son, plus  received a BFA  from The School of Visual Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts from Pratt Insititute.   As the story goes, Ellsworth had attend  SVA, but had to drop out, he wanted to return to school,  I was then attending SVA, I said to him why dont you go to the President of SVA and state your case,  The past president of SVA Silas Rhodes, gave him a  scholarship to continue , he received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts,  but Silas Rhodes said to him, You see that blonde boy over there, you will have to be better than him, you have to know your history and his history.  After Ellsworth finished his BFA , he was hired by The Rhodes family to teach Painting at  SVA.   The two sons of  Silas Rhodes, came to my husbands memorial, they put into place the Ellsworth Ausby Memorial Scholarship Fund  in support of undergraduate and graduate fine arts majors that people can donate to.   Our son Kalif is now in SVA working on a MFA in Animation, because of his father.  My husbands paintings are now on exhibition at the Danny Simmons Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn, Thank ful to people like Danny, who has purchased his paintings.   I am looking for a collector, a gallery to represent  his work,  Ellsworth left me drawings that i have to get framed and paintings, Except for certain artists, in the black community,  most black artists are not willing to help other artists, if you know the history of certain groups in history, the abstract expressionist, the impressionist  etc.  they worked together, until black artist start working together, they will not move as a group and will not be shown in Museums such as the Museum of Modern art, the Whitney  Museum of American Art . Recently Kellie Jones put together a exhibition of Black artists, from Los Angeles, this was a excellent show, but we still need exhibitions of other artists so that our people can start collecting artists of color.                           Jamillah Jennings  the artist

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Comment by Jamillah Jennings on January 17, 2014 at 2:40pm

CORRECTION -  Our Son Kalif  Ausby-  Last year received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in  Computer Art and Animation.   He is a wonderful artist.   His email is

Comment by Jamillah Jennings on January 17, 2014 at 2:38pm

January  2014 -  My late husbands art work is in an exhibition   called   I KAN DO DAT -   Ellsworth Ausby, - a abstract painting in the  Skylight Gallery - Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza  Opening Reception Sat. 1-18-2014, and  my  painting in  the Salena Gallery, Long Island University Downtown Campus, Bklyn,  Opening Reception  Friday 1-24-2014,    other artists works at Rush Arts Gallery  opening 1-16-2014,   This show was put on my Danny Simmons and Oshun Layne.  CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACT ART.  

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